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Ultralight Pilot Course, Airplane

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Have you always dreamed of the adventure and freedom that comes when you learn to fly? This is the course that will make your dream to fly a reality.

No matter what your dreams are as a pilot, I am here to help you discover what a rewarding experience flying an Fixed-Wing Ultralight can be. Let me help you reach this goal, with my one-of-a-kind course. I'll show you how fun and rewarding flying can be, and explain everything you need to know to fly a single-seat Ultralight (no license required).

My Sport Pilot Training Course for Ultralights will give you the real world knowledge you need to be a safe and knowledgeable pilot.

"I operate my own flight school, Sport Aviation Center, so I know your time and money are precious. That's why my course was developed to save you both. This is not a weekend cram course. It is a comprehensive home study companion to your flight training, and it will make your lessons more efficient, more fun and more complete. Just add a flight instructor!" - Paul Hamilton, CFI, DPE (SPE, SPIE, PE)

The Training System follows a logically organized "Training Syllabus and Workbook" to guide you through all the training materials. You can do for integrated flight training/ground school or separate flight training or ground school options. It is designed to be flexible for all types of learning scenarios.

Why my course is better

  • Flight Training...Ground School...All in One Course! Learn how to fly safely.
  • Real World Video - I put you in the cockpit for a "pilot's view" during your flight lessons. Unlike other courses, mine are not just slideshows and talking heads.
  • Save Hours of Flight Lessons - By reviewing the relevant subject matter before each lesson, you'll go to your next flight lesson prepared. This will make your time with your instructor much more efficient, saving you time and money.
  • The Most Complete Course - With Flight and Ground School, I take you beyond the book answers. My course focuses on really learning to fly.
  • A Personalized Training Experience - Minimize your time in a classroom and/or with your instructor. With my course, you can learn on your own schedule and at your own pace. It's easy to review segments multiple times or even skip ahead.
  • The powerful books and videos I've provided let you study with two different forms of media.

The Ultralight Pilot Training Course for Fixed-Wing Aircraft is a proven system that provides the books and DVD videos media to help you efficiently and effectively learn how to fly an Ultralight at an exceptional value.

The Ultralight Pilot Training Course for Fixed-Wing Aircraft kit´s components are developed and written by industry leader, Paul Hamilton, CFI, DPE (SPE, SPIE, PE). The training system uses a building block approach that optimizes training time to become a safe and confident pilot, while balancing your enthusiasm and passion for flight. With this comprehensive kit, you benefit from Paul's 35 years of training pilots.

Paul´s clear, simple, fun presentation means you get the big picture you need to be the true master of your flight. You´ll have the practical tools to get the most out of your license. And having the big picture means you´ll be ready to deal with the unexpected. You´ll know how to make timely decisions and take action before you and your passengers are at risk—so your flying will be confident and fun.

A complete home training curriculum

The self-guided home study course helps you prepare before you see an instructor so you progress quicker and more efficiently through a step-by-step process to learn all of the necessary aeronautical knowledge and pilot skills. The course ensures that FAA regulatory requirements are met. Impress your Flight Instructor during your training with your thorough command of the information and confident piloting skills. This is the perfect solution for you whether you are an Ultralight Pilot applicant taking flight training courses at a flight school or through a freelance instructor. The kit is used by the top schools and instructors.

You'll interact with each curriculum lessons in the optimum order, ensuring you understand and remember every area of knowledge the FAA expects you to master in the most effective manner possible.

Flight Training

Paul Hamilton proudly announces an all new scenario-based flight training course, which is the new FAA best practices for pilot training safety. It’s been designed to provide you with the knowledge, skills and confidence to embrace real world scenarios in aviation.

This course is for the pilot who is training in either a full-glass cockpit or classical analog gauges.

You´ll benefit from Paul Hamilton´s unique learning system

Many folks ask me what makes my courses different and why my students tend to learn to fly so easily and score so highly on their tests. The short answer is that I take complex information, and make it clear, simple, easy and fun to learn.

Most important, though, I developed a combination of books and a video/DVD-based knowledge delivery system that puts you in the pilot´s seat. Anytime you have the time, you can complete a a new learning segment or review previous topics. The Training Syllabus and Workbook allows an easy to understand where you are in your training with the logical progression of flight training and ground school.

How Paul Hamilton's videos get you the knowledge you need ... fast!

The videos are specifically designed to efficiently give you the vital flying knowledge through sights and sounds with simple explanations of the important concepts you´ll use for the rest of your flying career. Since the pilot´s point of view teaches you best, we put you in the cockpit. We even shoot from multiple camera angles so you can see clearly what is going on inside and outside the cockpit. For those tough knowledge areas, we provide rich presentations including animations and graphics that communicate clearly and concisely just what you need to know.

Here's what you get in the Flight Training Course

  • Training kit that includes everything you need to achieve a sport pilot certificate
  • DVD Video/Book-based system
  • Scenario-based flight training
  • Official FAA Handbooks

Flight Training

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