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Sport Pilot Flight School Kit, Airplane

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Product Description

A comprehensive tool kit to make instructing easier

Finally, the first complete, functional CFI Kit designed with the student and instructor in mind. This kit can be purchased by the student or by the instructor for the student.

Building on more than 35 years of flight training experience, Paul Hamilton's Sport Pilot Flight School Kit saves CFIs hours of preparation and review and most importantly, helps protect your certificate. In short, we’ve done the prep-work for you. We integrate flight lessons, ground lessons, and test prep—even your students’ home study.

The Pilot Training program follows the Pilot Training Syllabus and Workbook. This is an easy to follow step by step procedure that can be modified as needed for the specific student, instructor and/or flight school.

The Sport Pilot Training Course for Airplane kit´s components are developed and handpicked by industry leader, Paul Hamilton, CFI, DPE (SPE, SPIE, PE). The training system uses a building block approach that optimizes training time to become a safe and confident pilot, while balancing enthusiasm and passion for flight. With this comprehensive kit, you benefit from Paul's 35 years of training pilots.

Paul is continually updating the system utilizing new technology and industry feedback from students, instructors, manufacturers and industry.

A series of lesson plans (both ground and flight lessons) takes pilots from zero experience to the certificated Pilot level. Each individual lesson plan includes lesson objectives, required student study items/homework, important review items, new items introduced, completion standards, notes as needed and the student/instructor signoff/agreement documenting all required have been completed. This course ensures standardization and serves as a permanent “paper trail” to document your students’ training history and that you have covered all the items required.

Flight Training Course

Flight lessons start with an introductory flight and end with the successful completion of the Practical Test Checkride. There are four stages so the student and instructor knows where they are and what are the next tasks for the next flight lesson. It may take a couple times flying to complete a flight lesson. Flight skills are built by adding new and more difficult flight maneuvers for each additional lesson plan. Flight maneuver tolerances (speed, altitude, and direction) start large and tighten to the PTS tolerances for the Checkride.

Paul Hamilton proudly announces his new scenario-based flight training system, developed to provide the most modern techniques the FAA has recommended and the GA industry is adopting.

Ground School

This step-by-step training syllabus and workbook combines all aeronautical knowledge ground lessons with the FAA Knowledge Test questions. Includes diagrams, illustrations, key points and reference materials that ensure you are properly prepared to teach the subject. No more valuable lesson time wasted deciding what topics to cover or trying to find an answer buried deep in an FAA reference book. Topics are focused for comprehensive lessons covering the topics in depth. They are in a logical order integrated with the flight lessons.

FAA Test Prep Courses

To earn a Sport Pilot license, a student must pass two FAA tests: the knowledge (or written) test and the Practical Test/Checkride which is an oral interview and a flight test with a FAA Designated Pilot Examiner (DPE). This Sport Pilot Flight School Kit for Airplane Light-Sport Aircraft (LSA) will not only help your student pass both FAA tests, it will give them the real world knowledge they need after they earn their Sport Pilot license.

Ground School and FAA Knowledge Exam (FAA Written) Test Prep

Students pass their FAA Exam with your Sport Pilot Prepware CD...guaranteed or their money back...because the course is a full and complete ground school with nothing left out. The Aeronautical Knowledge in the FAA Handbooks is used to teach the student the material so the actual knowledge test questions are easy.

Students Don't Just Pass...They Understand

No other ground school is as powerful or well-organized. Because ASA's Sport Pilot Knowledge Exam Prepware harnesses the power of the computer by providing an option to make a study session exactly like taking the FAA computerized test. And when they are ready, you can endorse them to take the knowledge test or they can get their FAA endorsement from an ASA CFI on-line, either way this is your choice.

Here's How Your Student Will Ace The Knowledge Exam

  • Learn with all the updated questions available from the FAA
  • View all graphs or charts right on your computer screen
  • Get full text explanations
  • Retake missed questions automatically
  • Track progress automatically and continuously
  • Assess strengths and weaknesses with intuitive reports and charts
  • Review Sport Pilot FAA questions by subject area, FAA knowledge code, questions missed, questions not yet answered, or in any combination
  • Type in any word and find all Sport Pilot FAA questions available containing that word

Always FAA Current

The FAA frequently updates the required knowledge questions for each test. ASA continuously updates the Sport Pilot Knowledge Prepware course, ensuring you get the most current questions available anywhere.

Here's What You Get...

  • Exam course on a convenient CD
  • Every Sport Pilot FAA question and answer available
  • Unlimited randomized practice tests
  • Sign-off form for the FAA Sport Pilot Knowledge Test
  • Current FAA FAR/AIM

Practical (Oral Exam & Flight Test) Test (Checkride) Prep

For each Practical Test, there is an oral exam and a flight test.

On the oral portions of the test, students will be required to demonstrate your aviation knowledge, including subjects like regulations, aircraft systems, meteorology, airspace, demonstrate flight planning, including the performance with weight & balance under actual conditions, the effects of the weather on flight and navigation/flight logs.

On the flight portions of the Practical Test, students will be expected to demonstrate that you are truly ready to be Pilot-In-Command. In addition to demonstrating piloting proficiency with the required maneuvers, students will be expected to demonstrate good risk management—including situational awareness, collision avoidance, cockpit resource management and the appropriate use of checklists.

You'll find the Paul Hamilton Sport Pilot Checkride Book and DVD invaluable preparation...and no matter what kind of LSA you'll take your flight test in...you'll be prepared and confident—guaranteed!

The entire FAA Practical Test Standards is cross-referenced to the Paul Hamilton’s Sport Pilot Checkride book. Assign homework and review segments within Paul Hamilton's course by simply identifying which items within the PTS require attention.

You won’t find a more complete, practical test flight instructor aid anywhere. Conduct organized, professional lessons every time and rest easy knowing that all required training topics have been covered and you have the records to prove it.

Learn and review the questions and maneuvers you need today!

  • Covers all you need, from the beginning of your oral exam to successful completion of the flight test. If you use this system, their pass is guaranteed!
  • Enjoy the confidence of knowing your student has been taught all the questions...and the answers the FAA examiner wants to hear.
  • FAA DPE Paul Hamilton wrote the book "Sport Pilot Checkride" to make it simple to know exactly what questions will be asked with FAA references to the FAR/AIM, and how to do the maneuvers .

The Sport Pilot Checkride DVD shows five real-world Practical Tests examples including both the oral and flight portions. Filling the role of the Designated Pilot Examiner is Paul Hamilton, filmmaker of countless educational and entertaining sport aviation films, a CFI and an FAA-Designated Pilot Examiner (DPE). A number of pilots give model performances, some provide bad examples for comedy, showing some applicants going through a mock checkride.

Impress the Examiner

Relax! You will be sure your student passes the oral exam & flight test the first time because they have all the resources and will know what to expect

Why my course is better

  • Flight Training...Ground School...Test Prep...All in One Organized Course! Flight Training program plus ground school to Learn to Fly plus be prepared for the FAA Knowledge Exam (written test) and Practical Checkride (oral & flight test).
  • Real World Video - I put you in the cockpit for a "pilot's view" of what students see during flight lessons. Unlike other courses, mine are not just slideshows and talking heads. We provide the materials for you to teach and review items with your student.
  • Save Hours of Flight Lessons - With the student reviewing my course before each lesson, they will come more prepared. This will make your operation more efficient.
  • The Most Complete Course - With my comprehensive training course that has evolved from real training, students go beyond the book answers. My course focuses on really learning to fly...not just memorizing test questions.
  • A Personalized Training Experience - With my course, students can learn on your own schedule and at your own pace. It's easy to review segments multiple times or even skip ahead.
  • Integrated Written, Oral, and Flight Test Prep The diverse multimedia I've provided let you instruct and stidents study the material from three different media sources.... books, DVD/videos and test Prep CD.

This Course Includes Everything for a Sport Pilot Certificate—Guaranteed!

The Sport Pilot Training Course for Airplane is a proven system that provides everything, the books, DVD/videos, Knowledge Test CD, flight computer, plotter and professional briefcase so you can teach efficiently and effectively all types of students to fly a Airplane safely and pass both the FAA Knowledge Exam and Practical Test Checkride at an exceptional value.

You´ll Benefit from Paul Hamilton´s Modern Multimedia Learning System

Many folks ask me what makes my courses different and why my students tend to learn to fly so easily and score so highly on their tests. The short answer is that I take complex information, and make it clear, simple, easy and fun to learn.

Most important, though, I developed a combination video/book/CD-based knowledge delivery system that provides all the aeronautical knowledge and puts the student in the pilot´s seat.

"I operate my own flight school, Sport Aviation Center, so I know time and money are precious. That's why my course was developed to save you both. This is not a weekend cram course. It is a comprehensive flight training program, and it will make your time with your student more efficient, more fun and more complete." - Paul Hamilton, CFI, DPE

Here's What You Get...

  • Training kit that includes everything an instructor needs to train a pilot to obtain a Sport Pilot FAA Certificate
  • Diverse multi-media with video/DVD, official FAA training handbooks, and modern technology CD for Knowledge test training/simulation
  • Modern scenario-based flight training system
  • Flight computer and plotter
  • Current FAA FAR/AIM
  • Flight briefcase to keep everything together and look professional

This Kit Has Everything Needed To Get Through Sport Pilot Training and FAA Tests...

This Sport Pilot Training Course includes everything you'll need and brings Sport Pilot training and test preparation to a new level, providing one-stop-shopping. To learn more about any of the products offered in the kit, or to order any product individually, use the product links below.

Flight Training

Ground School and FAA Knowledge Exam (FAA Written) Test Prep

Practical (Oral Exam & Flight Test) Test Prep

Product Videos

Be a Sport Pilot - Learn to Fly a Light Sport Aircraft (07:15)
Movie Trailer. Go to http://ap-stores.com to get the DVD or download it. Go to http://BeASportPilot.com to learn all about becoming a pilot. Experience the adventure of becoming a Sport Pilot and flying a fixed wing, 3-axis aircraft. Learn what it takes to get a sport pilot certificate and experience the excitement and adventure of becoming a pilot flying a fixed wing, 3-axis (airplane) light-sport aircraft.Join instructor Jeff Reynolds as he takes Paul Hamilton through pilot training -- from first flight to flying solo, to preparing for the checkride.Then join Paul as he takes you through the concepts you need to know to earn your pilot certificate. Basic learn-to-fly principles presented can be used for ultralights or fixed-wing LSA. The beautiful cinematography features plenty of in-flight footage that captures the thrill and adventure of flying a light-sport aircraft.Includes booklet with worksheets and checklists for an interactive learning experience.
  • Be a Sport Pil...
    Movie Trailer. Go to http://ap-stores.com to get the DVD or do...
  • Sport Pilot Ch...
    Movie Trailer. Go to http://ap-stores.com to get the DVD or do...
  • Weather to Fly...
    Movie trailer. Go to http://ap-stores.com to get the DVD or do...

Paul's Recommendation

Paul Hamilton, CFI, DPE

Paul Hamilton
Filmmaker, Flight Instructor, Author


  • For the Sport and Private Pilot student enrolled in a guided airplane light-sport aircraft pilot training program with an instructor.
  • For the self-guided airplane student pilot who wants a complete program that outlines exactly what they need to learn before taking lessons with trike Certified Flight Instructor (CFI)...saving them time and money.
  • For the CFI applicant preparing to become an airplane LSA trike CFI.
  • For a CFI looking for a comprehensive training program that includes everything to teach student pilots to fly airplane light-sport aircraft and ultralights.


A complete and comprehensive pilot training course with everything in one briefcase. Just add your local sectional map and local airport facilities guide and you're set. The syllabus is a pilot training "cookbook" with all the ingredients arranged in a logical step-by-step order through flight training and ground school. Includes all the books, DVD's, and CD's needed for a complete program...leaving nothing out.

This course guides the instructor/student on what to teach/study and what not to teach/study in the recommended FAA handbooks. The comprehensive flight training is presented in the most efficient manner for flight proficiency and safety. The ground school portion provides the aeronautical knowledge for operating procedures and regulations.

This course guides the instructor/student on what to teach/study and what not to teach/study in the recommended FAA handbooks. The comprehensive flight training is presented in the most efficient manner for flight proficiency and safety. The ground school portion provides the aeronautical knowledge for operating procedures and regulations.

These are all the training materials you will need to become a pilot...Including:

  • Ground school for the FAA Knowledge Test
  • Ground school for the learn to fly flight training
  • Ground school for the Practical Test (Checkride)
  • Entertaining DVD’s that put you in the pilot seat with the sights and sounds of flying the aircraft
  • A Log book for recording your flight time
  • Test Prep to ace your FAA Knowledge Test and Checkride
  • Flight computer and plotters for flight planning during your Checkride
  • FAR/AIM - The "Pilot's Bible" that contains all of the official FAA regulations and procedures that apply to all pilots
  • Pilot briefcase to keep all of your materials organized in one place


This all inclusive course is typically the first item a guided or self-directed student pilot will purchase for a comprehensive "road map" outlining the other training materials required for a complete education in learning how to fly.

You can purchase all of these items individually as you progress through your grounds school, flight training, FAA exams and checkride. But, most students have found it much easier and more cost effective to purchase the complete course so they have the study materials at their fingertips when they need them.


Typically the first item a guided or self-directed student pilot will purchase for a comprehensive "road map" outlining the other training materials required for a complete education in learning how to fly.

Typically the first item a flight instructor will purchase when building a thorough and comprehensive training program for their student pilots.

This is THE only course that will get you through flight lessons, ground school, preparing for your FAA knowledge exam and checkride to get your pilot license. And many of the books and tools you will use throughout your flying career.


The student pilot uses this as a workbook with the assignments given for each module or can go through for a self directed course.

The instructor uses this for the core curriculum of a pilot training program with lesson plans and task guide.


This is THE only course that will get you through flight lessons, ground school, preparation for the FAA knowledge exam and checkride to getting a pilot license. And many of the books and tools will be use throughout a person's flying career.

Use of this pilot training course ensures that the flight instructor has covered everything necessary, and in the most efficient manner, including flight proficiency and safety, aeronautical knowledge, operating procedures and regulations for flying an airplane.

Use of the training course helps the student and instructor know the progress being made toward the student learning to fly, at what stage of learning the student is at, and what the next step in the training program.

I've gotten great feedback from Instructor's who tell me this course has made their job as an instructor so much easier because they have all of the tools necessary to make certain they have covered everything required by the FAA for a thoroughly trained pilot. I've also gotten positive feedback from student pilots who really like that everything they need is all in one kit and the logical order the information is presented. They also appreciate knowing exactly where they're at in their flight training and ground school.

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