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CFI-Sport Applicant Knowledge & Practical Test Prep Course

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Product Description

To earn your rating, you must pass three FAA tests: the knowledge (written now computerized) CFI test, the Fundamentals of Instruction (FOI) (written now computerized) knowledge test, and a practical exam (Checkride) that includes an oral interview and a flight test with an FAA Designated Pilot Examiner (DPE). This CFI - Sport Applicant Test Prep Course is a concentrated course for the three FAA tests. It is not the complete flight training that you must accomplish with an instructor, it is focused on passing the three FAA tests.

If you want the complete CFI applicant course which includes the flight training, training syllabus and more depth CFI study materials, you need the “CFI-Sport Applicant Course” not just this Test Prep Kit.

”I operate my own flight school, Sport Aviation Center, so I know your time and money are precious. That's why my course was developed to save you both. This is not a weekend "cram course." It is a comprehensive home study program that will make preparing for your FAA exams more efficient, more fun and more complete." - Paul Hamilton, CFI, DPE

Why my course is better

  • FAA CFI-Sport Knowledge Test Prep and Practical Checkride Prep...All in One Course! Be prepared for the FAA Knowledge Exam (written test), Fundamentals of Instruction (FOI) and Practical (oral & flight test). Pass all 3 tests or get your money back.
  • Real World DVD/Video - I give you the examiner's point of view as well as in the applicant's shoes to see "the good, the bad, and the ugly" of a checkride. This DVD/video gives you the inside story of a Checkride.
  • Test Prep Focused Material - This kit includes the materials specifically for FAA Test Prep. It gets right to the point. Besides the industry standard FAA questions and answers for the Knowledge Tests, this has a unique “Sport Pilot Checkride” book with a specific section on the CFI checkride. This unique book for the sport pilot and the CFI is a one of a kind and has become the standard in the industry with all the questions, answers, procedure and examples of a “plan of Action” which is so hard for CFI applicants to understand and develop.
  • A Personalized Training Experience - With my course, you can learn on your own schedule and at your own pace. It's easy to review segments multiple times or even skip ahead.
  • Integrated Written, Oral, and Flight Test Prep The powerful software , books and DVD/video I've provided let you study from three different media resources. When you're finished, you can get a signoff to go take both Knowledge Tests from an ASA CFI on line. Fast and efficient.

A Complete Home Training Curriculum

You'll interact with each curriculum section, ensuring you understand and remember every area of knowledge the FAA expects you to master.

The self-guided home study course helps you prepare before you see an instructor so you progress quicker and more efficiently through a step-by-step process to learn all of the necessary teaching theory and instructor level aeronautical knowledge. The course ensures that FAA regulatory requirements are met. Ace both your knowledge exams. Impress the FAA examiner during your checkride with your teaching skills. This is the perfect solution for you whether you are a CFI applicant taking flight training courses at a flight school or through a freelance instructor. The kit is used by the top schools and instructors.

FAA Knowledge Exam (FAA Written) and Fundamentals of Instruction Test Prep

You´ll pass your FAA Exams with the CFI-Sport Applicant Knowledge & Fundamentals of Instruction Test Prep Course...guaranteed or your money back...

You are just a few weekends away from acing your FAA CFI-Sport Applicant Knowledge Exams when you train with ASA's interactive computer-based test prep. Chances are you'll score 90% or above just as hundreds of other CFI applicants already have.

Learn Fast

No other training is as thorough—or as fast. No other ground school is as powerful or well-organized. Because ASA's CFI Knowledge Exam Test Prep harnesses the power of your computer, you'll be fully engaged—you'll learn faster and remember better. And when you're ready, you'll get both your FAA written test sign-off (endorsement) from ASA.

Here's How You'll Ace Your Knowledge Exam and Fundamentals of Instruction

  • Learn with hundreds of brief study sessions focused on the FAA test questions.
  • Reinforce your learning with actual FAA CFI test questions
  • View all graphs or charts right on your computer screen
  • Get full text explanations
  • Retake missed questions automatically
  • Track your progress automatically and continuously
  • Assess your strengths and weaknesses with intuitive reports and chart
  • Review CFI FAA questions by subject area, FAA knowledge code, questions missed, questions not yet answered, or in any combination
  • Type in any word and find all CFI FAA questions available containing that word

Always FAA Current

The FAA frequently updates the required knowledge for each test. ASA continuously updates the CFI Test Prep course, ensuring you get the most current instruction available anywhere.

Here's What You Get...

  • Exam course on a convenient CD
  • Every CFI FAA question and answer available
  • Unlimited randomized practice tests
  • Free endorsement from ASA on line CFI for the FAA CFI Knowledge Test and Fundamentals of Instruction knowledge tests

Practical (Oral Exam & Flight Test) Test Prep

On the oral questions portion of your Checkride, it is a pretty rigorous set of questions. You first must demonstrate your knowledge of “ Fundamentals of Instruction”. Then “Technical Subject Areas” such as endorsements and writing a lesson plan. Up to this point you are answering questions. Next you must demonstrate your ability to teach. Completely different roles for you as a CFI applicant. Here you will be required to demonstrate your instructor level aviation knowledge by instructing on the Sport Pilot tasks such as regulations, aircraft systems, meteorology, airspace, flight planning, including the performance and weight & balance under actual conditions, the effects of the weather on your flight and navigation/fight logs.

On the flight test portion of your Checkride you will be expected to demonstrate that you can teach a maneuver plus identify and correct mistakes made by the mock student/FAA DPE.

You'll find the Paul Hamilton Sport Pilot Checkride course has THE BOOK with all the questions and answers specifically for CFI-Sport. Additionally, you get the Official FAA Practical Test Standards (PTS) containing all the specific requirements and the exact standards for the Checkride. All these tools are invaluable preparation and resources to learn from and use during your checkride if needed. With the CFI Applicant Kit for Airplane, you'll be prepared and confident—guaranteed!

Learn all the oral questions and flight maneuvers you need today!

  • Covers all you need, from the beginning of your oral exam to successful completion of the flight test.
  • Enjoy the confidence of knowing the questions...and the answers the FAA examiner wants to hear.
  • Know what the CFI test procedure is. This will help you relax and be prepared with no surprises to throw you off during your Checkride.

You'll come away fully confident and prepared for one of the most important days of your life...your Checkride.

Impress your examiner

Relax! Pass your oral exam & flight test the first time with the CFI-Sport Applicant Flight Instructor Course. You have all the questions and answers in the Checkride Book.

You'll know what to expect

From the oral test to each flight maneuver—you'll come away totally confident. You'll understand the questions and the tasks. Best of all, you'll be confident you'll ace your Practical Test Checkride because you've been through it before.

You´ll Receive Everything You Need To Pass the FAA Tests...

This CFI-Sport Applicant Test Prep Course includes everything you'll need to pass the FAA tests and brings certified flight instructor training and test preparation to a new level, providing one-stop-shopping. To learn more about any of the products offered in the kit, or to order any product individually, use the product links below.



System Requirements

Windows and Macintosh compatible. 1024 x 768 minimum screen resolution, CD-ROM drive, mouse or other compatible pointing device. PDF file reader for accessing supplemental support documentation. Product registration is required. Internet access is required for registration as well as program and test question updates.

Windows compatible processor, 800 MHz or faster Windows (2000 & XP), 1.0 GHz or faster (Vista & Windows 7). 265 MB available hard drive space. 256 MB System RAM (Win2000/XP), 512 MB (Vista), 1024 MB (Win 7). Microsoft .Net Framework v2.0 or later.

Macintosh computer with Intel processor, 276 MB available hard drive space. OS X Leopard (10.5), 512 MB RAM. OS X Snow Leopard (10.6), 1024 MB RAM. OS X Lion (10.7), 2048 MB RAM.

Paul's Recommendation

Paul Hamilton, CFI, DPE

Paul Hamilton
Filmmaker, Flight Instructor, Author


For all pilots preparing for FAA CFI knowledge exam and the fundimentals of instruction (FOI) exam to obtain a certified flight instructor rating.


This is a comprehensive program to pass both of the required FAA flight instructor knowledge tests: the Fundamentals of Instruction knowledge test and the CFI knowledge test.


It is best to watch this before you start, or just as you start, flight training so you can learn the practical aspects of teaching faster and more efficiently. If you start your CFI flight training with this program, you will save time and money when taking the actual flight and ground training. If you have already started your CFI flight training, this will help you put together the concepts from another perspective plus make sure you “fly through” the FAA knowledge tests the first time.

It is fine if you want to do your ground school and pass the FAA knowledge test even before you start your CFI flight training. Overall, the more you learn on the ground, the more efficient your flight instructor training will be.


Since this is a DVD video, you can watch it on your computer or TV / DVD player at home or office.


This also has the practice tests with all of the available FAA questions and answers for both the required FAA knowledge tests with an additional study guide specifically to pass the FAA knowledge tests. Here you practice the tests until you consistantly score a 90% on the practice tests...you're ready to go.

The prepware also provides the required FAA flight instructor endorsement to take the knowledge tests when you e-mail in two practice test scores of 80% or better. Do not worry, you can take as many practice tests as you want no problem, you pick the two tests you want to e-mail in for each of the two knowledge tests and get your CFI endorsement to take the official FAA knowledge tests.

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