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CFI-Sport Applicant Course, Airplane LSA

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Product Description

Have you always dreamed of the adventure and freedom that comes from being a Certified Flight Instructor (CFI)? This is the course that will make your dreams a reality.

No matter what your dreams are as a Flight Instructor, I am here to help you discover what a rewarding experience teaching in an Airplane can be. Let me help you reach this goal, with my one-of-a-kind course. I'll show you how fun and rewarding teaching can be, and explain everything you need to know to teach in an Airplane Light-Sport Aircraft, LSA.

To earn your rating, you must pass three FAA tests: the knowledge (written now computerized) CFI test, the Fundamentals of Instruction (FOI) (written now computerized) knowledge test, and a practical exam (Checkride) that includes an oral interview and a flight test with an FAA Designated Pilot Examiner (DPE). My CFI - Sport Applicant Course will not only help you pass all three of these tests, it will give you the real world knowledge you need after you earn your flight instructor rating to provide actual flight instruction in airplanes.

"I operate my own flight school, Sport Aviation Center, so I know your time and money are precious. That's why my course was developed to save you both. This is a comprehensive home study companion to your flight training, and it will make your lessons more efficient, more fun and more complete." - Paul Hamilton, CFI, DPE (SPE, SPIE, PE)

The Training System follows a logically organized "Training Syllabus and Workbook" to guide you through all the training materials. There is a one-of-a-kind Section 3 specifically for CFI training. It is similar to the PILOT training in Section 2 of the” Training Syllabus and Workbook”. You can accomplish the integrated flight training/ground school with the CFI who is training you, or you can do separate ground school option before your flight training (which is the preferred method) to get your two written rests out of the way before you start flight training. It is designed to be flexible for all types of learning scenarios.

Additionally, the course is designed to do two things. First you start developing Lesson plans for your first flights which start the actual process of planning “flight instruction” right away. Second, you start training the CFI (mock student) with YOUR lesson plans right away so there is no time lost in your goal. Overall, you are jumping right in to developing your curriculum and training with your lesson plans exactly as you would after you get your CFI Certificate and start training REAL students..

Why my course is better

  • First, the only CFI Sport “flight training” AND “ground school” course available If you have done your research, you have discovered there is no other integrated Flight Training and Ground School course available. Most other courses really only have ground school with a program limited to getting through the two knowledge tests.
  • Flight Training...Ground School...Test Prep...All in One Course! Learn how to teach safely, be prepared for both FAA Knowledge Exams (written tests) and Practical Checkride Test (oral & flight test). Pass all three tests or get your money back. One of the biggest problem in becoming a Flight Instructor is never doing actual flight instruction before you have to teach an actual student. Here we set you up so you can get going right away.
  • Real World Tools You Can Use - We provide all the DVD videos and books that your student will use for your lesson planning. This gets you up to speed with your future students and their first training kit (except the Sport Pilot Prepware for the student Sport Pilot Knowledge Test – in this kit you get the CFI version for your own tests). It should be noted that you can piece together training kits for your students as you wish. By adding a few items, this CFI-Sport training kit can be recycled as a kit for your first student.
  • Save Hours of Flight Lessons - By reviewing the relevant subject matter and developing lesson plans on your own before each lesson, you'll go to your next flight lesson prepared. This will make your time with your instructor much more efficient, saving you time and money.
  • The Most Complete Course - With Flight Training, Ground School and FAA Test Prep, I take you beyond the book answers. My course focuses on getting you experience as a flight instructor and really being able to teach people to fly...not just memorizing test questions.
  • A Personalized Training Experience - Minimize your time in a classroom and/or with your instructor. With my course, you can learn on your own schedule and at your own pace. It's easy to review segments multiple times or even skip ahead.
  • Integrated Written, Oral, and Flight Test Prep The powerful Prepware CD, books and videos I've provided let you study with three different forms of media.

This course includes everything for your Sport Pilot CFI Certificate—Guaranteed!

The Sport Pilot CFI Course for Airplane is a proven system that provides the books, CDs and DVD videos media plus a flight computer and plotter/ruler to help you efficiently and effectively learn how to teach in an Airplane and pass your FAA Knowledge Exams and and ace your Practical Test Checkride at an exceptional value.

The Sport Pilot CFI Training Course for Airplane kit´s components are developed and written by industry leader, Paul Hamilton, CFI, DPE (SPE, SPIE, PE). The training system uses a building block approach that optimizes training time to become a safe and confident flight instructor, while balancing your enthusiasm and passion for flight. With this comprehensive kit, you benefit from Paul's 35 years of training pilots and CFI’s.

Paul´s clear, simple, fun presentation means you get the big picture you need to be a top flight instructor your students will want to come back to and refer their friends to learn to fly with you.

A complete home training curriculum

The self-guided home study course helps you prepare before you see an instructor so you progress quicker and more efficiently through a step-by-step process to learn all of the necessary teaching theory and instructor level aeronautical knowledge. The course ensures that FAA regulatory requirements are met. Ace both your knowledge exams. Impress the FAA examiner during your checkride with your teaching skills. This is the perfect solution for you whether you are a CFI applicant taking flight training courses at a flight school or through a freelance instructor. The kit is used by the top schools and instructors.

You'll interact with each curriculum lessons in the optimum order, ensuring you understand and remember every area of knowledge the FAA expects you to master in the most effective sequence possible.

Flight Training

Paul Hamilton proudly announces an all new scenario-based flight training course, which is the new FAA “best practices” for pilot training safety. It’s been designed to provide you with a scenario based training system to teach your students to embrace real world scenarios in aviation.

This course is for the pilot who is training in either a full-glass cockpit or with classical analog gauges.

You´ll benefit from Paul Hamilton´s unique learning system

Many folks ask me what makes my courses different and why my students tend to learn to fly so easily and score so highly on their tests. The short answer is that I take complex information, and make it clear, simple, easy and fun to learn.

Most important, though, I developed a combination of books, CD with a video/DVD-based knowledge delivery system that puts students in the pilot´s seat. The Training Syllabus and Workbook provides an easy way for students and CFI applicants to understand where you are in the training program with a logical progression of flight training and ground school.

Here's what you get in the Flight Training Course

  • Training kit that includes everything you need to achieve a CFI-Sport pilot Flight Instructor certificate
  • DVD Video/CD/Book-based system
  • Scenario-based flight training
  • Official FAA Handbooks

Ground School and FAA Knowledge Exams (FAA Written) Test Prep

Both the CFI knowledge test (written now computerized) and the Fundamentals of Instruction FOI (written now computerized) FAA Tests are on the CFI Prepware CD and in the CFI Test Prep book.

You´ll pass both your FAA Exams with your CFI Knowledge Exam Prepware CD course...guaranteed or your money back...because it has all the updated FAA questions and it has practice tests exactly as the FAA testing facility.

When you train with ASA's interactive computer-based test prep Prepware CD chances are you'll score 90% or above just as hundreds of other pilots already have.

Learn FAA Test Questions Fast!

No other training is as focused—or as fast. No other Knowledge Test Prep ground school is as powerful or well-organized. Because ASA's Sport Pilot Knowledge Exam Prepware CD harnesses the power of your computer, you'll be fully engaged—you'll learn faster and remember better. And when you're ready, you'll get your FAA written test sign-off (endorsement) for both knowledge tests from an ASA CFI on line for free.

Here's how you'll Ace your knowledge exams

  • We use the FAA Official publication “Aviation Instructors Handbook” FAA 8083-9A so you learn from the original source material
  • Learn with hundreds of bite-sized segments in the study section that focus on actual FAA questions
  • Reinforce your learning with the actual FAA CFI test questions
  • View all graphs or charts right on your computer screen
  • Get full text explanations
  • Retake missed questions automatically
  • Track your progress automatically and continuously
  • Assess your strengths and weaknesses with intuitive reports and charts
  • Review Sport Pilot CFI and FOI FAA questions by subject area, FAA knowledge code, questions missed, questions not yet answered, or in any combination
  • Type in any word and find all CFI and FOI FAA questions available containing that word

Always FAA current

The FAA frequently updates the required knowledge for each test. ASA continuously updates the Prepware CD and Test Prep book, ensuring you get the most current FAA questions available anywhere.

Here's what you get in the Ground School and FAA Knowledge Exam (FAA Written) Test Prep Course

  • CFI Knowledge Exam AND Fundamentals of Instruction (FOI) course on a convenient CD
  • Every FAA question and answer available for both CFI Knowledge Exam AND Fundamentals of Instruction (FOI)
  • Unlimited randomized practice tests
  • CFI Sign-off for both FAA Knowledge Tests on-line for free
  • Current FAA FAR/AIM

Practical (oral exam & flight test) Test Prep Checkride

On the oral questions portion of your Checkride, it is a pretty rigorous set of questions. You first must demonstrate your knowledge of “ Fundamentals of Instruction”. Then “Technical Subject Areas” such as endorsements and writing a lesson plan. Up to this point you are answering questions. Next you must demonstrate your ability to teach. Completely different roles for you as a CFI applicant. Here you will be required to demonstrate your instructor level aviation knowledge by instructing on the Sport Pilot tasks such as regulations, aircraft systems, meteorology, airspace, flight planning, including the performance and weight & balance under actual conditions, the effects of the weather on your flight and navigation/fight logs.

On the flight test portion of your Checkride you will be expected to demonstrate that you can teach a maneuver plus identify and correct mistakes made by the mock student/FAA DPE.

You'll find the Paul Hamilton Sport Pilot Checkride course has THE BOOK with all the questions and answers specifically for CFI-Sport. Additionally, you get the Official FAA Practical Test Standards (PTS) containing all the specific requirements and the exact standards for the Checkride. All these tools are invaluable preparation and resources to learn from and use during your checkride if needed. With the CFI Applicant Kit for Airplane, you'll be prepared and confident—guaranteed!

Learn all the oral questions and flight maneuvers you need today!

  • Covers all you need, from the beginning of your oral exam to successful completion of the flight test.
  • Enjoy the confidence of knowing the questions...and the answers the FAA examiner wants to hear.
  • Know what the CFI test procedure is. This will help you relax and be prepared with no surprises to throw you off during your Checkride.

You'll come away fully confident and prepared for one of the most important days of your life...your Checkride.

Impress your examiner

Relax! Pass your oral exam & flight test the first time with the CFI-Sport Applicant Flight Instructor Course. You have all the questions and answers in the Checkride Book.

You'll know what to expect

From the oral test to each flight maneuver—you'll come away totally confident. You'll understand the questions and the tasks. Best of all, you'll be confident you'll ace your Practical Test Checkride because you've been through it before.

You´ll receive everything you need to get a Sport Pilot Certified Flight Instructor Certificate...

This Training Course includes everything you'll need and brings Sport Pilot CFI training and CFI test preparation to a new level, providing one-stop-shopping. To learn more about any of the products offered in the kit, or to order any product individually, use the product links below.

Flight Instructor Training

Ground School and FAA Knowledge Exam (FAA Written) Test Prep

  • ASA Software Prepware, CFI - Comprehensive preparation and study software for the FAA knowledge exam.
  • ASA Book Test Prep, CFI - Comprehensive preparation and study workbook for the FAA knowledge exam.
  • ASA Book FAR/AIM book - The most accurate and reliable standard regulatory reference available.
  • ASA Book Standard Pilot Log Book - Meets recordkeeping requirements.

Practical (Oral Exam & Flight Test) Test Prep

Product Videos

Be a Sport Pilot - Learn to Fly a Light Sport Aircraft (07:16)
Movie Trailer. Go to http://ap-stores.com to get the DVD or download it. Go to http://BeASportPilot.com to learn all about becoming a pilot. Experience the adventure of becoming a Sport Pilot and flying a fixed wing, 3-axis aircraft. Learn what it takes to get a sport pilot certificate and experience the excitement and adventure of becoming a pilot flying a fixed wing, 3-axis (airplane) light-sport aircraft. Join instructor Jeff Reynolds as he takes Paul Hamilton through pilot training -- from first flight to flying solo, to preparing for the checkride. Then join Paul as he takes you through the concepts you need to know to earn your pilot certificate. Basic learn-to-fly principles presented can be used for ultralights or fixed-wing LSA. The beautiful cinematography features plenty of in-flight footage that captures the thrill and adventure of flying a light-sport aircraft. Includes booklet with worksheets and checklists for an interactive learning experience.
  • Be a Sport Pil...
    Movie Trailer. Go to http://ap-stores.com to get the DVD or do...
  • Weather to Fly...
    Movie trailer. Sport Pilots are more affected by winds and the...
  • Sport Pilot Ch...
    Movie Trailer. Watch and learn as five well-prepared Sport Pil...

Paul's Recommendation

Paul Hamilton, CFI, DPE

Paul Hamilton
Filmmaker, Flight Instructor, Author


  • For the CFI-Sport applicant enrolled in a guided airplane light-sport aircraft (LSA) certified flight instructor training program with an instructor.
  • For the self-guided airplane CFI-Sport applicant who wants a complete program that outlines exactly what they need to learn before taking lessons with trike Certified Flight Instructor (CFI)...saving them time and money.


A complete and comprehensive certified flight instructor course with everything in one briefcase. Just add your local sectional map and local airport facilities guide and you're set. The syllabus is a flight instructor training "cookbook" with all the ingredients arranged in a logical step-by-step order through flight training and ground school. Includes all the books, DVD's, and CD's needed for a complete program...leaving nothing out.

This course guides the CFI applicant on what to study and what not to study in the recommended FAA handbooks. The comprehensive flight instructor training is presented in the most efficient manner for flight proficiency and safety. The ground school portion provides the aeronautical knowledge for operating procedures and regulations.

These are all the training materials you will need to become a pilot...Including:

  • Ground school for the FAA Knowledge Test
  • Ground school for the learn to fly Flight Training
  • Ground school for the Practical Test (Checkride)
  • Entertaining DVD’s that put you in the pilot seat with the sights and sounds of flying the aircraft
  • A Log book for recording your flight time
  • Test Prep to ace your FAA Knowledge Test and Checkride
  • Flight computer and plotters for flight planning during your Checkride
  • FAR/AIM - The "Pilot's Bible" that contains all of the official FAA regulations and procedures that apply to all pilots
  • Pilot briefcase to keep all of your materials organized in one place


This all inclusive course is typically the first item a guided or self-directed CFI-Sport applicant will purchase for a comprehensive "road map" outlining the other training materials required for a complete education in learning how to fly and instructing other in learning to fly.

You could purchase all of these items individually as you progress through your grounds school, flight training, FAA exams and checkride, but, most CFI-Sport applicants have found it much easier and more cost effective to purchase the complete course so they have the study materials at their fingertips when they need them.


This is THE only course that will get you through flight lessons, ground school, preparing for your FAA knowledge exam and checkride to get your CFI certification. And many of the books and tools you will use throughout your instructor career.


You can follow the guided course step-by-step with the assignments for each module directed your Flight Instructor or go through it at will for a self directed home study course.


This is THE only course that will get you through flight lessons, ground school, preparation for the FAA knowledge exam and checkride to getting a CFI-Sport certificate. And many of the books and tools will be use throughout a person's instructor career.

Use of this CFI-Sport training course ensures that the flight instructor has covered everything necessary, and in the most efficient manner, including flight proficiency and safety, aeronautical knowledge, operating procedures and regulations for instructing in a airplane LSA (light-sport aircraft).

Use of the training course helps the CFI-Sport applicant and instructor know the progress being made toward the applicant learning to become an instructor, at what stage of learning the applicant is at, and what the next step in the training program.

I've gotten great feedback from Instructor's who tell me this course has made their job as an instructor so much easier because they have all of the tools necessary to make certain they have covered everything required by the FAA for a thoroughly trained flight instructor. I've also gotten positive feedback from CFI-Sport applicants who really like that everything they need is all in one kit and the logical order the information is presented. They also appreciate knowing exactly where they're at in their training and ground school.

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Product Reviews

  1. Looks good so far. I've just getting starting with it 4 Star Review

    Posted by on 21st Dec 2020

    I've gone thru all the tapes but the "Instructor 2020 Prepare" tape. That will be the last one I'll go thru. From what I see of the material so far it looks like I'll be learning a lot of new stuff but it will be fun.

  2. Great material 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 25th Jun 2020

    The kit for the sport pilot instructor is very good. I passed the FOI test with a 96%. I am a little disappointed with the "2020 test prep" video, I was expecting more than just sample test questions. I really thought it would/should be more like a home classroom with an instructor doing lectures, and showing how to use the charts and figures to get the answers they're looking for. But overall, it's a good package.

  3. Complete and Thorough 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 12th Jul 2014

    This Kit includes all the material you need to reinforce what you know and to educate you in what you don't, I was most impressed and surprised on how little I knew about weather until I watch the weather to fly DVD. It might seem overwhelming at first but if you follow the syllabus it will pin point you to the material you need to study, Watching the DVDs first helps a lot to get acquainted with the material but the laid back yet professional editing will get you where you need to go, the software used for flight simulation during demonstration in the DVDs could be updated but it serves its purpose, fort the prices I have researched the quality of the training and the amount of information you get is totally worth it, other programs only give you one or two part of the necessary materials to pass your CFI-Sport Checkride, here you get it all guaranteed!!!

    NOTE: You also get great service if there are any problems with the kit they will take care of you, I had a very pleasant and professional experience, GOOD LUCK!